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C’est Chez Jolie

About Us

Mikael’s firstborn was supposed to be called Jolie, but it turned out to be a son. For child number two,
the history repeats itself. It was two great boy
but the name Jolie remained unused, until now.

The name Chez Jolie means at Jolie’s home.
The interior is perfectly balanced with classic French wood panels on the walls, the tables is dressed in white tablecloths and beautiful designed mirrors on the walls.
An unorthodox mix of modern furniture, chandeliers
designed by Kelly Wearstler and incredible details throughout the whole venue.
The restaurant gives a warm and inviting feeling
with an earthy color
It’s a closed kitchen which allows the guests to focus on what is in
the glass and on the plate.

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Ingmar Bergmans gata 2,


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