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Our cooking is inspired by both the French countryside as well as luxurious metropolitan bistros.

On the plate, we serve hand crafted food where we sherries traditions but at the same time are contemporary with a surprise.
For us, it creates the perfect balance in both our continued gastronomic education, but also for our creative freedom.

At Chez Jolie, we select unique ingredients. Sometimes the raw materials are allowed to speak for themselves with their unique language and sometimes they come enhanced by solid craftsmanship. We find inspiration from France.


The wine list focuses on high quality French wines, where we dive deep into the classic regions. At the same time, we widen our horizon with a of discovery of new French producers and areas.

The wine list also includes the most established and sought-after labels/bottles from other parts of Europe and corners of the world.


In our bar we serve classic cocktails with traditions as well as more modern creations.

We give the French cocktail culture a lot of space by using from wand preserving the French recipes.



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